wwe my take on cunent events

is wwe realey worth it. the same old match types and same old crap i said in me old blog

that hunter hlemsey is running the wwe into the ground i would love to see three belts make a come back.

1 the TV championship

even though the wcw world tv championship was short lived having a TV title on eather raw or smack down  would make for grate matches on eather brand. i agree with a guy on youtube who said that it could also be called the wwe network chamionship and be defended on wwe network exlusive shows.


the eropean championship

in my opinion the ero title can be defended on nxt.making a a mid card

chamionship is waht the mediocre dev trotory  needs


a women’s tag team chamionship

this will work in both next and the main roster the women’s devsion

all redey has a strong and having both main roster brands compeate for

a tag belt